Below you can find an offer of hotels in the vicinity of the workshop venue.

Special rates for participants and a booking forms will be available from April 2024.


Hermitage Hotel Prague

Svobodova 1961/1

Prague 2

Approximately 850 meters, about a 10 minute walk from the venue (map)

Estimated price per night: 150 EUR

The Hermitage Hotel Prague offers a blend of modern amenities and historical charm, located in a serene part of the city yet conveniently close to the workshop venue. Guests can enjoy the hotel's elegant rooms, fine dining restaurant, and exceptional service.


Hotel Green Garden

Fügnerovo nám. 4

Prague 2

Approximately 1.2 kilometers, about a 15 minute walk from the venue (map)

Estimated price per night: 100–130 EUR

Hotel GreenGarden is celebrated for its beautifully decorated rooms that reflect a 19th-century aesthetic, complete with modern facilities. The hotel boasts a lovely garden restaurant and a wellness center, making it a perfect retreat after a day at the workshop.


Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square

Kateřinská 36

Prague 2

Approximately 1.4 kilometers, a 17 minute walk from the venue (map)

Estimated price per night: 80–100 EUR

Ibis Praha Wenceslas Square is a budget-friendly option known for its comfort and excellent location close to the city center. The hotel offers modern rooms, a 24-hour bar, and a breakfast buffet, making it ideal for travelers looking for value and convenience.


Mosaic House

Odborů 4

Prague 2

Approximately 1.3 kilometers, about a 16 minute walk from the venue (map)

Estimated price per night: 90–110 EUR

Mosaic House is a modern, eco-friendly hotel known for its vibrant atmosphere and sustainable practices. Offering a mix of private rooms and shared accommodations, it caters to a wide range of travelers. The hotel also features a lively bar and restaurant, and is renowned for its live music events and social gatherings, making it an exciting place to stay.

Accommodation for reasonable price (for students) in Prague:

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